Anaerobic Digesters – The 3 R’s

  • ADs solve a major issue for the current government and they are not even aware of it.
  • ADs are the only major agri-based initiative that reduces green house gases associated with farming.
  • ADs REUSE farming, food processing and waste produce to produce stable power.
  • ADs RECYCLE by producing land nutrients and recyclable animal bedding thus having a significant LCA impact.
  • ADs REDUCE the cost of power production and the need for fertilizers. ADs reduce the risk of pollution due to land spreading of manure…remember Walkerton
  • ADs add a fourth R to the three Rs. That is RECLAMATION, using waste straw, hay and other post harvest cellulose based vegetation we can mix our compost with this foraged leftover, cover it in AD liquor and seed immediately… after a few years you now have land capable of sustaining some vegetable crops and these become agents for Carbon Sequestration We have RECLAIMED poorly performing land and added income to our pummeled economy.

This process means we (AD operators) have provided the current government with it’s first and only tool to deliver the Green Act to agriculture and any future government cannot refute this claim.

Now we a positioned to give the right story… it is not about electricity rates… it is about support to get the AD industry growing and going and the BTW providing dependable power to the grid and later biomass crops that will feed the revamped coal fired plants. They are not closing coal fired plants they are firing them with something else.

Let’s get our story compiled and consolidated then lets start lobbying. Yes, we need to tell our story but we had better put a new version of it out; rather than crapping on the current government, dumping on the OPA…either we are part of the problem or part of the solution and all governments want solutions to brag about and not issues to perturb them. In end ADs are providing a comprehensive solution to the Green Act that will be engaged by all political strips.

“Thus the wise win before they fight…while the ignorant fight to Win”

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