DELFT BLUE Green! Sustainable, Healthy Veal

October, 2010, Cambridge, Ontario – Delft Blue, North America’s leading veal supplier and producer is a proud believer in the innovation of agriculture. As a demonstration of our commitment to innovative and sustainable practices, Delft Blue has spearheaded the construction of a BioEnergyfacility on our Cambridge, Ontario farm.

Organic wastes and greases from the grocery and food service industries collected through the ORMI program (Organic Resource Management Inc.) are combined with our farm waste products in the BioEnergysuite. The energy produced by the biogas generators is then harnessed and used for electricity. Through this project Delft Blue generates enough clean, renewable energy not only to heat our barns and power our farm vehicles but also to power 500 homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the digestate that is produced by this process becomes a pathogen free land nutrient used to optimize fields and plants.

As part of this project, we organize informative plant and farm tours for chefs and retailers. Through innovative farming and animal care methods, our commitment to sustainability and stewardship, we are proud to lead our industry forward. Our fully integrated system from feed-to farm-to-processing ensures that control and care goes into each and every product.

A balanced nutrition and good eating habits are a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Veal is a quality protein delivering essential nutrients for your health and vitality. It is high in vitamin B12,iron, zinc and protein and low in saturated fat.

Delft Blue is proud to introduce the new Ontario Homegrown Veal Menu. This is a certified program that works in close partnership with the Ontario veal farming community to bring homegrown freshness to our customers. This program combined with our own in-house aging process ensures a unique high quality veal selection. As John Meyer, our Food Service Sales Manager and Corporate Chef explains; “this is a truly unique product developed by chefs for chefs. Together we support our Ontario Farmers and partners with exceptionally great tasting and high quality veal. This program demonstrates our ongoing commitment and our obligation to sustainability in cuisine and to the region.”

Experience the colossal taste of our fresh Tower Osso Buccoone of our signature items. This perfectly tender veal shank can be slow braised in roasted garlic, tomatoes, onions and white wine. It offers the convenience of individual portions, labour savings and stable food cost. Our fresh Cambridge City Loin Chopsand premium fresh Milk Fed Pounded Scallopini are just a few of our unique offerings. Put some passion and profit in your menu!


For over 25 years Delft Blue is a principal national supplier of fresh, frozen, and fully cooked portioned veal and other value added meat products for Canada’s top foodservice and retail customers. Delft Blue is an industry leader and a complete value chain processor providing product control from gate to plate. Delft Blue continues to expand its case ready product lines to include new proteins and items, such as fresh and marinated kebabs, veal rolls, dressed chops and sausages. Delft Blue, along with its two sister companies, Ecolait and ProVeal, offer companies a wide range of co-packing services, an effective alternative to in-house production.

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