Green IQ Quiz

15 questions to test your Green IQ

What is a “carbon footprint”?

What is the goal of the Kyoto Protocol?

Which of the following has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

The European Union has pledged to reduce CO2 emissions by 2020 by what percentage?

How much CO2 is created on a flight from New York to London per passenger?

Which car has the highest greenhouse gas emissions?

Which type of livestock requires the most amount of grain and forage inputs per kilo of animal product produced?

If you leave a computer on standby, how much power does it consume compared to when it is turned on?

If you plan on adding a source of renewable energy to your home, which is cheapest to install and most cost-effective in the long run?

What uses less water?

Which province has the largest percentage of households composting their organic waste?

Which province has the highest percentage of households using pesticides on their lawns or gardens?

On average, North Americans who live in suburbs generate more greenhouse gases than people who live in cities. How much more?

What is the definition of biofuel?

When Ireland passed a plastic bag tax in 2002, now 35 cents a bag, usage dropped within weeks. By how much?