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Question 1

What is a “carbon footprint”?

The amount of CO2 emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels.
The square footage of a manufacturing plant.
The amount of CO2 a single tree uses throughout its lifetime.
The imprint left by fossilized remains.

Question 1 Explanation:CORRECT ANSWER -The amount of CO2 emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels.
A “carbon footprint” is the amount of CO2 emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide is one of several greenhouse gases that are linked to global warming and climate change.

Question 2

Which type of livestock requires the most amount of grain and forage inputs per kilo of animal product produced?

Broiler chickens
Beef cattle

Question 2 Explanation:CORRECT ANSWER: Lamb

Question 3

If you leave a computer on standby, how much power does it consume compared to when it is turned on?


Question 3 Explanation:CORRECT ANSWER: 20%

Question 4

If you plan on adding a source of renewable energy to your home, which is cheapest to install and most cost-effective in the long run?

A small wind turbine of less than 5 kilowatt.
Photovoltaic cells, which convert UV rays to electricity.
Solar heating, where solar thermal panels heat the house’s hot water.
A geo exchange/heat pump.

Question 4 Explanation:CORRECT ANSWER: Solar heating, where solar thermal panels heat the house’s hot water.

Question 5

Which province has the largest percentage of households composting their organic waste?

British Columbia
Prince Edward Island
New Brunswick

Question 5 Explanation:CORRECT ANSWER: Prince Edward Island

Question 6

Which of the following has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Telecommuting programs
Fuel efficient vehicles (electric cars, hybrids, cleaner diesel few vehicles)
Renewable heat and power (solar, wind, hydropower)
Business travel reduction
All of the above

Question 6 Explanation:CORRECT ANSWER: All of the above.
All of these initiatives can contribute to protecting the environment. While some are still a few years off, there are actions you can take today!

Question 7

How much CO2 is created on a flight from New York to London per passenger?


Question 7 Explanation:CORRECT ANSWER: 728kg
You can calculate your emissions for each trip you take using the calculator on this site. All those trips add up – for each individual as well as our workplaces.

Question 8

What uses less water?

Running a full dishwasher.
Cleaning the same number of dishes by hand.

Question 8 Explanation:CORRECT ANSWER: Running a full dishwasher

Question 9

Which province has the highest percentage of households using pesticides on their lawns or gardens?


Question 9 Explanation:CORRECT ANSWER: Manitoba

Question 10

On average, North Americans who live in suburbs generate more greenhouse gases than people who live in cities. How much more?

3 times more
5 times more
9 times more
11 times more

Question 10 Explanation:CORRECT ANSWER: 9 times more

Question 11

What is the definition of biofuel?

Gas made from insect flatulence
Another word for ethanol
Any fuel made from renewable organic sources
Methane made from the fermentation of waste

Question 11 Explanation:CORRECT ANSWER: Any fuel made from renewable organic sources

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