Terra Gator Increasing Efficiency of Farm Operations

I have only used it for a couple hours because of the weather, but already I’m blown away on how much better this is than using a tractor and wagon.

Everything is controlled from the cab, which cuts down time considerably running back and forth engaging/disengaging pump open/close valves.

On top of that it has a boom loading system so you don’t have to stop and wrestle a hose every load.

The only time a hose is needed is when you are flushing barns and cleaning sump pits.

One of the best features of the Terra Gator is the most prominent … the floatation tires. I was driving 15 mph in a plowed field comfortably and hardly leaving any trace of being there. That is almost impossible to do with any other machine.

It also has injectors which helps again to reduce the odour by incorporating the manure/digestate directly into the ground.

We may not be able to use this feature in some of the more rocky fields, but it a great option for some of the fields in better condition.

The 10 speed transmission gives you 5 low range gears (for spreading) and 5 high range gears (for road travel) and can reach speeds of 40 MPH.

I found that is fairly simple to operate after only hauling a couple loads.

This is definitely a big step in increasing the efficiency of our farm operations, and possibly another source of income if we decide to do some custom manure hauling for neighbouring farmers.

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